Taylor & Andrew – Waco Couple Photographer

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When I met Taylor and Andrew, I knew I’d click with them. They were so silly and fun with each other. It made our short time together so much fun. Taylor and Andrew were so sweet as well! I really just loved them as a couple!

They had me rolling the whole time. And their silly hearts show in these photos.

Thank you for modeling for me!


Taylor & Andrew GMP_2Taylor & Andrew GMP_31bwTaylor & Andrew GMP_44Taylor & Andrew GMP_58Taylor & Andrew GMP_67Taylor & Andrew GMP_92Taylor & Andrew GMP_96

Sara & Abraham – Waco Couple Photographer

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When Sara submitted her photo to model for me, I immediately connected with her. This was because she also sent me some photos of her adorable Dalmatians. And because I am a dog mom, I let her know just how cute they were!

Sara and Abraham were so fun to work with. They had a subtle yet endearing sense of humor with each other so they giggled a lot of the time.

Sara & Abraham GMP_4Sara & Abraham GMP_15bwSara & Abraham GMP_34Sara & Abraham GMP_47Sara & Abraham GMP_67Sara & Abraham GMP_75Sara & Abraham GMP_83


Flowers in her hair – Abby – Waco Model Photographer

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This is Abby!

She was my second model for my sunflower sessions! Abby totally rocked our session and let me get creative with her long strawberry blonde hair.

I love these photo’s and we were lucky enough to have the sun shine too! That didn’t happen during any of my other flower sessions.

Check these out!


Abby GMP_4Abby GMP_30bwAbby GMP_39Abby GMP_52bwAbby GMP_61bwAbby GMP_63pAbby GMP_68bwAbby GMP_74

Flower Power – Anastasia – Waco Model Photographer

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About one week ago I found this beautiful field of tall yellow flowers!! I’m not sure if they are just tall stemmed smaller sunflowers or what. If you know, feel free to leave a comment! But this field is just beautiful! If you know me at all, you know how much I love sunflowers, or flowers that are similar.

So, I had a model call and got many inquires! Because I had so many people offering their prettiness, I decided to photograph 2 girls, and 2 couples.

This was my first model, Anastasia, a student at Baylor. She totally rocked the session, and my big floppy had.

Check it out! She is GORGEOUS!

Anastasia GMP_5Anastasia GMP_11bwAnastasia GMP_13Anastasia GMP_21bwAnastasia GMP_33Anastasia GMP_35Anastasia GMP_42bw

Nick & Selena : Prom 2017, Waco Photographer

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At the last minute, Nick contacted me to see if I’d be available for prom photos the very next day! Im so happy I was available, because Nick and Selena looked GOOD!!! They were dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate on their prom night at Midway high school!

Here’s an extra sneak peak of photos for the cute couple!

Jones Prom GMP_7Jones Prom GMP_10Jones Prom GMP_20Jones Prom GMP_26bwJones Prom GMP_38bwJones Prom GMP_77bwJones Prom GMP_82Jones Prom GMP_100Jones Prom GMP_105Jones Prom GMP_116Jones Prom GMP_148Jones Prom GMP_191bwJones Prom GMP_201bw

Missy – Adult Cake Smash – Dirty 30

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A few months ago, my soon-to-be sister in law had asked me if we could do some portraits for her dirty thirty.

I agree’d, but only on the condition that she’d be willing to do an adult cake smash. Missy thought that was a pretty good deal, so we started the planning!! Missy made sure to have her special touches, aka, those shoes!!

I love the way these came out. Take a look, and keep your eyes open for a guest appearance from her fiancee, Michael, AND her brother, who was visiting from San Diego.

Missy turns 30 GMP_17Missy turns 30 GMP_23Missy turns 30 GMP_40Missy turns 30 GMP_79Missy turns 30 GMP_81Missy turns 30 GMP_92Missy turns 30 GMP_127Missy turns 30 GMP_141Missy turns 30 GMP_144Missy turns 30 GMP_149Missy turns 30 GMP_155Missy turns 30 GMP_167Missy turns 30 GMP_169Missy turns 30 GMP_172Missy turns 30 GMP_183Missy turns 30 GMP_184Missy turns 30 GMP_189Missy turns 30 GMP_195Missy turns 30 GMP_202Missy turns 30 GMP_228Missy turns 30 GMP_238Missy turns 30 GMP_239Missy turns 30 GMP_250Missy turns 30 GMP_258Missy turns 30 GMP_267Missy turns 30 GMP_271Missy turns 30 GMP_276Missy turns 30 GMP_278Missy turns 30 GMP_280Missy turns 30 GMP_283Missy turns 30 GMP_289Missy turns 30 GMP_310


M & M : Surprise Engagement! Waco, Tx

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This last weekend was a busy one for GMP!

My brother in law and his girlfriend came to Waco from Austin for Missy’s 30th birthday celebration. She had been planning a session for her and Michael for months prior!!

What she did not know, was Michael had a surprise for her during the session!

Missy’s brother had also flown in all the way from California!

We started just by taking adorable photos of them in their little picnic setting.

And once I found the right time to have Michael pop the question, I asked the code word/question, about the famous Unicorn Frappaccino. Which was ick, by the way…

That was Missy’s brothers que to get the family on facetime.

It was also Michaels que to get the ring and the sign.

And my job, ofcourse, was to keep Missy’s eyes on me, and make sure she did not turn around before Michael was ready to go!

So check out these AMAZING photos of this newly engaged couple!

Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_22Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_34bwMichael & Missy Engaged GMP_77Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_122Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_126bwMichael & Missy Engaged GMP_134Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_148Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_152Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_164Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_170Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_173Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_187Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_194Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_199Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_208Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_220Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_231Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_262Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_278Michael & Missy Engaged GMP_293

Emily & Hunter :: Prom 2017

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This last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Emily and her prom date, Hunter before the big night! They were dressed to the nine’s and both looked like they should be on the red carpet of a movie premiere!

Check them out!Emily Reza Prom GMP_32Emily Reza Prom GMP_35Emily Reza Prom GMP_43Emily Reza Prom GMP_66Emily Reza Prom GMP_82Emily Reza Prom GMP_99Emily Reza Prom GMP_111

New York; concrete jungle with your bestie.

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Last month, one of my bestest friends and I took a trip to New York City!

We hadn’t seen each other since July of last year!

So, I guess I should start from the very beginning of my trip.

My husband woke up at 4am that morning to drive me all the way from Waco to Dallas, which should be 90 minutes…. IF you already know that there are TWO airports in the Dallas area…. But I had never flown out of Dallas before, so I was a little oblivious.

Once we hit traffic I started getting anxious because the GPS said we would be arriving at Dallas Love Airport 40 minutes before my flight started boarding. And I had no idea how long security would take, or if the line would be long or short, who knew. One thing I did know, missing my flight was #1 on my “ways to ruin your trip” list.

When we were about 20 minutes from Dallas Love, my husband asks me if we are going to the correct airport…

“I’m sorry, correct airport???? “

“You do know there are two airports up here…”

Commence freak out as I remember looking at my boarding pass saying DFW, aka Dallas Fort Worth…. Not Dallas Love.


“What, are we going to the right one?”

-Gracie changes GPS to destination DFW-

“Now we are”

So, as I continue to freak out, my husband reminds me to stay calm, because I am needed to help navigate the many detours, road splits, and unnecessary turns resulting in jumping grassy banks in my husbands Dodge Ram.

Luckily, DFW and Dallas Love are are only about 15-20 minutes away from each other.

So once we finally arrived, I jumped out of the truck gave my husband a kiss and ran to security. Thankfully security was quick, and I got to my terminal with 5 minutes until boarding.


When I landed in Nashville to catch my next flight to JFK, I noticed how awesome the Nashville airport was. They had live music at one of the restaurants. Totally awesome.

Next was the flight to JFK, which went smoothly. When I fly, I make sure to take the window seat. It may sound weird, but looking out the window always keeps my attention. It calms me in a way, which can be confusing if you really think about it. But I feel like being able to see the earth from that high is something you shouldn’t take for granted. When the clouds are below you, and you can see all the mountains, lakes and farm land. It’s always just so beautiful that it calms any nerves I may have.

NYC trip GMP_1

And I’ll tell you, calming your nerves is always important if you’re meeting your friend at JFK airport.

I took me 30 minutes to get from the terminal 8 to terminal 4. Talk about confusing. And it didn’t help that my sense of direction is basically non-existent.

Anyways, we finally met up and found a hot, humid, no air conditioner bus to the city, where the girl behind us proceeded to have an anxiety attack because of all of the above.

It took us 2 hours, but we made it to the hotel!!

NYC trip GMP_16bw

That first night we were exhausted, but had to woman up and get our butts to time square!

Ofcourse we had to rest our eyes, for only a minute though…

When we made it out of the hotel, we were officially starving. So we started to walk in the direction of the square of lights. We found a little pizza spot near our hotel and we HAD to have New York pizza. And oh my gosh, it did not disappoint. It was the best pizza we had in NYC. It was amazing, but every time we went back, the place was closed.

NYC trip GMP_18

We walked so much in NY. Our feet trekked a total of 9 miles one of those 4 days we were there. Alot of the times we were walking the wrong way though. But it made for more of an adventure.

NYC trip GMP_165

We took many uncomfortable Uber rides, a classic Taxi ride and almost took the wrong train on the subway. We even took the double decker AND the city bus.

NYC trip GMP_65

NYC trip GMP_67

We met a number of New Yorkers and were pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone we talked to was. New Yorkers have a reputation of being a little harsh, but everyone was so accommodating.

We saw two broadway shows, Cirque De Soliel: Paramour; which was a musical mixed with acrobatics. And we saw CATS. Which was totally amazing. CATS on broadway in New York. So cool.

We visited the Empire State building at 12am, because it was going to rain the next night. So we HAD to squeeze that in somewhere. And we spent over an hour chatting with one of the security guards.

And we ate. Oh my gosh did we eat. I was so surprised to see all the different ethnic restaurants. The diversity in New York is amazing.

China Town had amazing dumplings and sold sea urchins.

NYC trip GMP_101

Little Italy brought out the 50% Italian in me. There was a little stand selling CANOLLI’S!!! I couldn’t pass that up, my mom used to make them for special occasions. Plus, I named our family African Grey, Cannoli. We went to a little Italian meat and cheese shop, we tried cheese imported from Italy. It was amazing. Giant wheels of cheese and hanging meats.

NYC trip GMP_86NYC trip GMP_96

We ate pastrami from Katz Famous Deli. I don’t even like pastrami, I never have. But I tried some of Liz’s $20 sandwich, and it was amazing. And I mean like, amazing…


We had tacos, which were also amazing.

We visited McGee’s which is the bar that influenced How I Met Your Mother.


I had Ice Cream from The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

We basically ate our way through New York. But hey, why not??

We saw Grand Central Station, Central Park, Lady Liberty, the 9/11 museum, and Freedom Tower.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge on the coldest day of our trip. It was the only day that was in the 40’s.

Also, once we got into Brooklyn, we ate at a Georgian Restaurant (yes, georgia is a country, google it). The place was called Cheese Boat, and had boats of bread baked with cheese in it. It was terribly delicious.

NYC trip GMP_275

Basically, the trip was amazing.

Also, the architecture there was also incredible.

NYC trip GMP_61bw.jpg

We didn’t have enough time to do all the things we wanted, but that just means I’ll need to go back someday.


Mommy & Me :Katherine & Lucy, Waco Photographer

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I had so much fun photographing these two for a short little mini session!

Katherine was one of the winners of a contest I held on my facebook page!

It was great to be able to capture precious memories of a momma and her baby girl.

Check them out!Katherine & Lucy GMP_5Katherine & Lucy GMP_19Katherine & Lucy GMP_26Katherine & Lucy GMP_37Katherine & Lucy GMP_56bwKatherine & Lucy GMP_69Katherine & Lucy GMP_98Katherine & Lucy GMP_100bwKatherine & Lucy GMP_111Katherine & Lucy GMP_160Katherine & Lucy GMP_178bw