Best of Waco Shoot – May 2018

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I had so much fun running around Waco taking photos of this beautiful lady!

We had so many stops!

South Bosque Vet Clinic, NuGenisis, Pendley Productions, Italian Granite and the Limited Limousines on Austin Ave! All of these were winners of the Best of Waco contest for May 2018!

Here are some of my favorite shots!

Check out the magazine HERE!

BOW June 2018_10BOW June 2018_15BOW June 2018_153BOW June 2018_173BOW June 2018_206BOW June 2018_224BOW June 2018_235BOW June 2018_252BOW June 2018_277BOW June 2018_299BOW June 2018_313BOW June 2018_324BOW June 2018_358BOW June 2018_417BOW June 2018_440BOW June 2018_535BOW June 2018_526BOW June 2018_510BOW June 2018_545BOW June 2018_602BOW June 2018_623BOW June 2018_654BOW June 2018_682BOW June 2018_689BOW June 2018_737BOW June 2018_747BOW June 2018_750BOW June 2018_760



behind the scenes; Chip & Jo @ Magnolia Table

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I got so lucky when the local magazine I work for, The Wacoan, told me to go get a quick photo of the sign going up at Magnolia Table (Feb 02.18). So I rushed over to make sure I didn’t miss the crew putting the sign up, but when I got there, the sign was still on the ground. So I decided to wait it out. I noticed the TV crew there, setting things up, and I recognized the producer of Fixer Upper, as I had met him before.

I  felt very awkward just hanging out with my camera around my neck, so I addressed the producer and let him know I was just waiting for them to put up the sign. He told me it was no problem, and that if I waited, some other people might show up. Honestly, I thought he meant that other photographers might show up. But, I stuck around, and sure enough, I saw Chip and Jo pull in.

Then as I waited, I noticed them setting up for a scene right outside. Sure enough, eventually Chip & Jo came out, so I snapped some really cute behind the scenes photos.

Notice how adorable it is that Jo has to stand on a little block to help with the height difference between her and Chip. Also, this wasn’t very long after Jo had announced her pregnancy, so you can see a little bump growing under her comfy grey hoodie. Also, she makes Chip eat the Avocado Toast!

THEN, not long after I posted these on my instagram, Country Living shared my post on their blog. Which was surprising, and totally awesome. Check those out HERE & another post on Woman’s World, HERE.

Magnolia Table_18Magnolia Table_19Magnolia Table_27Magnolia Table_29Magnolia Table_30Magnolia Table_31Magnolia Table_34Magnolia Table_36

Haslam Family :: Waco Photographer

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It is always SO special and humbling when a prior client returns to have you as their family photographer again!

I LOVE working this this family and I can’t even believe how much little Nora has grown since our last session. It is so amazing to be able to witness her tiny self grow and develop into a cute little lady who basically never stops running around. This little lady is a CRAZY one!!! She is what I would call “Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop”. But oh my goodness, does she look cute on the go!!

Check out this family!

Haslam Family Mar 18_3Haslam Family Mar 18_24Haslam Family Mar 18_38bwHaslam Family Mar 18_62Haslam Family Mar 18_88bwHaslam Family Mar 18_102Haslam Family Mar 18_114Haslam Family Mar 18_183Haslam Family Mar 18_199Haslam Family Mar 18_219Haslam Family Mar 18_232Haslam Family Mar 18_278Haslam Family Mar 18_327bwHaslam Family Mar 18_431Haslam Family Mar 18_472

Laaron & Travis :: Surprise Engagement Waco, Tx

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Laaron had contacted me about traveling through waco with her boyfriend. She wanted to show him around the town she went to college in (Baylor). So she figured it’d be a great time to have a mini session in some blue bonnets.

When Laaron and Travis pulled into Woodway Park, I greeted them and Laaron had to dig in the car for something. While Laaron was away for a matter of 20 seconds, Travis dropped the ENGAGEMENT BOMB on me. My mind was blown because there was no plan and now I knew what was going to happen, I just didn’t know when or how.

But Travis was cool as a cucumber. Atleast he looked like he was! After a few minutes of shooting he told Laaron, “I’m thirsty, I’m going to get a bottle of water from the car, get some of just you in the blue bonnets”.

When he came back drinking his water, I knew what was up. He had the ring….. So then, my mind is going 1,000 miles a minute knowing it’s going to happen any minute, trying to make sure I’ll be in the perfect spot to capture this special moment.

And bam! It happens, Laaron was SO surprised. And it was totally beautiful!!!!!

Laaron & Travis_14Laaron & Travis_41Laaron & Travis_46bwLaaron & Travis_54Laaron & Travis_61Laaron & Travis_88bwLaaron & Travis_102Laaron & Travis_148Laaron & Travis_158Laaron & Travis_160Laaron & Travis_168Laaron & Travis_174Laaron & Travis_206

Yvette & Gio :: Waco Couples Photographer

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Yvette contacted me a few months back and I was so excited because she said her boyfriend was in the Navy. I genuinely LOVE working with military couples because my husband is a Marine Vet. I always feel like I click very easily with military couples because, well, we just know how it is!

So check out these amazing shots I took of this beautiful couple by the Brazos river in Waco, Tx!!

Yvette & Gio_9bwYvette & Gio_15bwYvette & Gio_95Yvette & Gio_111Yvette & Gio_122Yvette & Gio_137Yvette & Gio_146Yvette & Gio_154Yvette & Gio_177Yvette & Gio_203bwYvette & Gio_211Yvette & Gio_217bwYvette & Gio_223Yvette & Gio_232Yvette & Gio_237bwYvette & Gio_249

Lauren & Brandon :: Waco Couples Photographer

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When Lauren contacted me about capturing some special moments between her and her man, I was totally up for it. If you notice more black and white images in this blog, it’s because they are Lauren’s favorite. And I’ll tell you, Lauren and Brandon look dang good in black and white!! (they also look great in color)

Check out these awesome shots taken by the suspension bridge in Waco, tx!!


Lauren & Brandon_33bwLauren & Brandon_51Lauren & Brandon_59bwLauren & Brandon_92Lauren & Brandon_138Lauren & Brandon_143bwLauren & Brandon_149bwLauren & Brandon_160bwLauren & Brandon_183Lauren & Brandon_187bwLauren & Brandon_234bw

Erin & Jesse ; Waco Engagement Photographer

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My wonderful friend Erin will be moving home soon, and I’m so sad! But I got to photograph her and her fiancee, Jesse before she leaves Baylor and Waco!!

Erin and Jesse are so adorable and their love for each other really shows through every moment I captured.

Erin & Jesse_4bwErin & Jesse_18Erin & Jesse_32Erin & Jesse_66Erin & Jesse_77Erin & Jesse_96bwErin & Jesse_131Erin & Jesse_159bwErin & Jesse_189Erin & Jesse_213bwErin & Jesse_222

Hannah & Justin :Fair Fun: Waco Photographer

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When the fair came to Waco, I knew I wanted to capture some fun and beautiful memories! Working with Hannah and Justin is such a dream! They are fun and up for just about anything! Also, I have no idea what Justin says to make Hannah laugh as hard as she does, but their love is absolutely beautiful!

Check out their adorable waco fair session below!

Hannah & Justin Fair Session_9Hannah & Justin Fair Session_61Hannah & Justin Fair Session_67Hannah & Justin Fair Session_68Hannah & Justin Fair Session_74Hannah & Justin Fair Session_84Hannah & Justin Fair Session_102Hannah & Justin Fair Session_182Hannah & Justin Fair Session_207Hannah & Justin Fair Session_223Hannah & Justin Fair Session_229bw

Family Fair Fun – Waco Photographer

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When the fair came into town, I decided I needed to offer a special! I love taking photos at the fair, all the colors and capturing fun memories, seems like a perfect setting for some family photos!

So when Cecy, a fellow, more well known photographer in Waco, wanted to book a fair session, I was really excited! And a little nervous. It always feels like a little added pressure when another photographer books you.

But it was great fun! They played games and ate cotton candy! They even won some fish!

Cecy Fair Session_29Cecy Fair Session_44Cecy Fair Session_49bwCecy Fair Session_68Cecy Fair Session_86Cecy Fair Session_95Cecy Fair Session_132Cecy Fair Session_183Cecy Fair Session_194Cecy Fair Session_216Cecy Fair Session_249Cecy Fair Session_283Cecy Fair Session_315bwCecy Fair Session_339bwCecy Fair Session_366Cecy Fair Session_404

Rue, Prim & the fam! – Waco Pet Photographer

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A little while back a I decided to hook up with an instagram/facebook community called Pets of Wacotown and give away a 20 minute session. This sounded like so much fun because, as we all know, I LOVE dogs! And I LOVE when people treat their pets as their family. This is probably because my dogs are my furbabies and I love photographing them. We also had a little fun in the lake!

The winner was Prim. An adorable Border Collie mix. Find her adorable instagram here.

Well, lucky for me, Prim, her sister Rue and mom and dad all showed up for the photoshoot!

Also, I have to mention the fact that these pups were named after my most favorite franchise ever, The Hunger Games.

Check out their adorable session!


Shelley Keller_46bwShelley Keller_57Shelley Keller_59bwShelley Keller_87Shelley Keller_120Shelley Keller_141Shelley Keller_148Shelley Keller_173bwShelley Keller_213Shelley Keller_237Shelley Keller_257Shelley Keller_261bw