Henson Maternity { Chattanooga Photographer }

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When I photographed Megan and Matt’s maternity session, mother nature really decided to SHOW UP! The colors and lighting were all perfect for these beautiful parents to be! It is so easy to see the love Megan and Matt have for each other, and their little lady!

A grand adventure is about to begin.

O’Brien Family {Chattanooga Photographer}

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It was a lucky day when my beautiful friend asked me to take some photos of her and her beautiful family! The sunflower field just happened to be open that weekend only!

So we made sure to squeeze this session in at Red’s Hay Farm in Ooltewah, Tn.

Photographing little Niah and Ava was so fun, those girls are so precious! I can’t get over Niah’s laughing face, it is pure joy. And their new addition, Benja is such a handsome little guy!

McKenzy – Ringgold HS Class of 2020

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This session with McKenzy was total fire!! I loved shooting this and spending time with this beautiful graduating senior!! McKenzy is so fun and we had such a blast bantering with each other. We were originally supposed to do this session at the end of March, but then Corona Virus took over Chattanooga, as it has with the rest of the world, so we had to reschedule.

I’m so glad we could fit this in!! Congrats on making it through high school McKenzy!!McKenzy Senior 2020_2McKenzy Senior 2020_24McKenzy Senior 2020_25McKenzy Senior 2020_36McKenzy Senior 2020_37McKenzy Senior 2020_39BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_59BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_65McKenzy Senior 2020_69BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_72McKenzy Senior 2020_85McKenzy Senior 2020_89McKenzy Senior 2020_93BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_101McKenzy Senior 2020_110McKenzy Senior 2020_134McKenzy Senior 2020_142McKenzy Senior 2020_165BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_183McKenzy Senior 2020_187BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_197McKenzy Senior 2020_219McKenzy Senior 2020_231McKenzy Senior 2020_254McKenzy Senior 2020_261BWMcKenzy Senior 2020_263McKenzy Senior 2020_281

Castetter Family, Chattanooga Family Photographer

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I truly adored photographing this sweet family! Audrey and Addison were the perfect little models. And little Audrey had personality for DAYS!! She was definitely the sweetest thing.

Check them out!


Castetter Family_7Castetter Family_9bwCastetter Family_10bwCastetter Family_41Castetter Family_58bwCastetter Family_68Castetter Family_83Castetter Family_92Castetter Family_104bwCastetter Family_134Castetter Family_142Castetter Family_225bwCastetter Family_262Castetter Family_279bwCastetter Family_281Castetter Family_306bwCastetter Family_329Castetter Family_349Castetter Family_377bwCastetter Family_418Castetter Family_446bwCastetter Family_453Castetter Family_462bwCastetter Family_478Castetter Family_500Castetter Family_509bwCastetter Family_539Castetter Family_660Castetter Family_669bw


*Witchy* Stylized Shoot, Chattanooga Tn Photographer

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Happy Halloween boys and GHOULS!!!

This month I did another AWESOME stylized shoot by P Chevally Artistry.

I LOVED photographing this one! It was witches and snakes! So much fun!!

And it was so awesome to meet the snakes and find out that they can actually be friendly and have their own personalities.

Venue Gardens in the Gorge
Bar Car The Mobile Rambler
Drinks Crafted with a twist
Models Breanna Simon Haley Lauren Settles Shelly Cheek
Hair Paige Kelley Christy Waters
Makeup Bailey Clifford
Snakes Hannah Spresser

witchy styled_6witchy styled_14bwwitchy styled_56witchy styled_64witchy styled_74witchy styled_88witchy styled_98witchy styled_111witchy styled_166witchy styled_171witchy styled_207witchy styled_218bwwitchy styled_261witchy styled_275witchy styled_296witchy styled_335witchy styled_353bwwitchy styled_359bwwitchy styled_388witchy styled_397witchy styled_407witchy styled_418bwwitchy styled_440bwwitchy styled_447witchy styled_466




Honey & Lavender Stylized Session – Chattanooga, Tn Photographer


Every time I do a stylized session with P Chevalley Artisty, I am floored at how beautiful it is! This time it was a Lavender & Honey themed session at The Peyton in Chattanooga, and it did not disappoint!

Floral / Design: Trilogy
Rentals: Red Roof Farm Vintage Rentals
Gowns: OZ Bridal
Cake: Sierra Cakewerks
Hair & Makeup: Bailey Clifford, Paige Kelley, Michaela Pierard
Flat Lay / Invitation: Penny Chevalley




Rievley Family Sunflower Session – Ooltewah Tn Photographer

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I am always SO flattered when families come back to me for more photos! It was so great to see the Rievley family again, after having photographed Mindy and Tim’s wedding in April. We got some precious family memories captured at Red’s Hay Farm in Ooltewah. Check them out.

Rievley Family_9bwRievley Family_27Rievley Family_40Rievley Family_56Rievley Family_73Rievley Family_80bwRievley Family_111Rievley Family_138Rievley Family_190Rievley Family_201bwRievley Family_208Rievley Family_228Rievley Family_233Rievley Family_236bwRievley Family_250bwRievley Family_264Rievley Family_280Rievley Family_310Rievley Family_342Rievley Family_350Rievley Family_353Rievley Family_355Rievley Family_360Rievley Family_372bwRievley Family_378bwRievley Family_406Rievley Family_412Rievley Family_417Rievley Family_418bwRievley Family_432bwRievley Family_439Rievley Family_457Rievley Family_473Rievley Family_490bwRievley Family_514Rievley Family_518Rievley Family_528Rievley Family_545Rievley Family_552Rievley Family_559bw

Kayla & Ashley – Sunflower Session Ooltewah, Tn

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Photographing Ashley and Kayla in the sunflower fields at Reds Hay Farm was such a blast! Both these girls have personality for days, so they made the session full of laughs. Which is always a good thing.

Check out their adorable sister session.


Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_10Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_21Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_23bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_34Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_47Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_72Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_84Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_99Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_122Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_153Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_164Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_174bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_192Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_195Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_205Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_211bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_241Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_260Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_276bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_304Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_322bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_344bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_356Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_361bwKayla & Ashley Sunflowers_364Kayla & Ashley Sunflowers_373bw

Williams Family – Sunflower – Ooltewah, Tn Photographer

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I have known the Williams family for a good bit of time now, so I was SO excited when Candace wanted family photos in the sunflower field at Reds Hay Farm in Ooltewah.

I had so much fun photographing them and their crazy little Addalyn.

Wlliams Family_14Wlliams Family_32Wlliams Family_56Wlliams Family_74bwWlliams Family_79Wlliams Family_91bwWlliams Family_120Wlliams Family_125Wlliams Family_155Wlliams Family_165bwWlliams Family_190Wlliams Family_216Wlliams Family_225Wlliams Family_272Wlliams Family_286Wlliams Family_319Wlliams Family_335Wlliams Family_419Wlliams Family_424bwWlliams Family_462bwWlliams Family_483Wlliams Family_563bwWlliams Family_584Wlliams Family_590bwWlliams Family_597Wlliams Family_618Wlliams Family_694bwWlliams Family_755Wlliams Family_793Wlliams Family_810

Eskridge Vow Renewal – Chattanooga Photographer

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Earlier this month, while just working away, my co-workers husband came up to me talking about taking some photos. He said some things about how he was planning a surprise vow renewal for Stephanie and mumbled a month that started with ‘J’ and the number 6. I told him I would most likely be available.

I then looked at a calendar and assumed he had said July 6th, because June 6th was only 7 days away. And then, on June 5th, he messages me asking if I ‘was still available TOMORROW’. I said ‘oh, tomorrow?????! Yes, I am”.

Josh planned a whole vowel renewal with a slide show, a bead ceremony, a cute little reception and he even wrote Steph and SONG. That’s right folks, he wrote her a SONG, about their love story. It was SO PRECIOUS.

Also, while viewing the cake photos, please notice little Leilani in the middle/bottom of the frame. I LOVE her faces!!!!!

Eskridge Vow Renewal_510bw

Eskridge Vow Renewal_583Eskridge Vow Renewal_598Eskridge Vow Renewal_607Eskridge Vow Renewal_609Eskridge Vow Renewal_612Eskridge Vow Renewal_613Eskridge Vow Renewal_614Eskridge Vow Renewal_621Eskridge Vow Renewal_628bw

Eskridge Vow Renewal_697Eskridge Vow Renewal_727Eskridge Vow Renewal_758