Erin & Jesse ; Waco Engagement Photographer

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My wonderful friend Erin will be moving home soon, and I’m so sad! But I got to photograph her and her fiancee, Jesse before she leaves Baylor and Waco!!

Erin and Jesse are so adorable and their love for each other really shows through every moment I captured.

Erin & Jesse_4bwErin & Jesse_18Erin & Jesse_32Erin & Jesse_66Erin & Jesse_77Erin & Jesse_96bwErin & Jesse_131Erin & Jesse_159bwErin & Jesse_189Erin & Jesse_213bwErin & Jesse_222


Hannah & Justin :Fair Fun: Waco Photographer

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When the fair came to Waco, I knew I wanted to capture some fun and beautiful memories! Working with Hannah and Justin is such a dream! They are fun and up for just about anything! Also, I have no idea what Justin says to make Hannah laugh as hard as she does, but their love is absolutely beautiful!

Check out their adorable waco fair session below!

Hannah & Justin Fair Session_9Hannah & Justin Fair Session_61Hannah & Justin Fair Session_67Hannah & Justin Fair Session_68Hannah & Justin Fair Session_74Hannah & Justin Fair Session_84Hannah & Justin Fair Session_102Hannah & Justin Fair Session_182Hannah & Justin Fair Session_207Hannah & Justin Fair Session_223Hannah & Justin Fair Session_229bw

Family Fair Fun – Waco Photographer

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When the fair came into town, I decided I needed to offer a special! I love taking photos at the fair, all the colors and capturing fun memories, seems like a perfect setting for some family photos!

So when Cecy, a fellow, more well known photographer in Waco, wanted to book a fair session, I was really excited! And a little nervous. It always feels like a little added pressure when another photographer books you.

But it was great fun! They played games and ate cotton candy! They even won some fish!

Cecy Fair Session_29Cecy Fair Session_44Cecy Fair Session_49bwCecy Fair Session_68Cecy Fair Session_86Cecy Fair Session_95Cecy Fair Session_132Cecy Fair Session_183Cecy Fair Session_194Cecy Fair Session_216Cecy Fair Session_249Cecy Fair Session_283Cecy Fair Session_315bwCecy Fair Session_339bwCecy Fair Session_366Cecy Fair Session_404

Rue, Prim & the fam! – Waco Pet Photographer

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A little while back a I decided to hook up with an instagram/facebook community called Pets of Wacotown and give away a 20 minute session. This sounded like so much fun because, as we all know, I LOVE dogs! And I LOVE when people treat their pets as their family. This is probably because my dogs are my furbabies and I love photographing them. We also had a little fun in the lake!

The winner was Prim. An adorable Border Collie mix. Find her adorable instagram here.

Well, lucky for me, Prim, her sister Rue and mom and dad all showed up for the photoshoot!

Also, I have to mention the fact that these pups were named after my most favorite franchise ever, The Hunger Games.

Check out their adorable session!


Shelley Keller_46bwShelley Keller_57Shelley Keller_59bwShelley Keller_87Shelley Keller_120Shelley Keller_141Shelley Keller_148Shelley Keller_173bwShelley Keller_213Shelley Keller_237Shelley Keller_257Shelley Keller_261bw

Haslam Family – Waco Family Photographer

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I was so excited to shoot a family session with the Haslams!

We chose to take the photos at the beautiful Tonkawa Falls, in the early morning light.

We also added in a mini cake smash session for little Nora at the end.

It looks like she was super excited for the cake, but once she realized she was supposed to get dirty, she was not into it! But, it still made for some adorable photos!!

Who doesn’t love a cute little baby girl with a pony tail, a cake, and an adorable teepee???

Check out these shots!

Haslam Family_74Haslam Family_89Haslam Family_93Haslam Family_105Haslam Family_103bwHaslam Family_144bwHaslam Family_30Haslam Family_36bwHaslam Family_194Haslam Family_182bwHaslam Family_170Haslam Family_249bwHaslam Family_164Haslam Family_203Haslam Family_218Haslam Family_232Haslam Family_236


Taylor & Andrew – Waco Couple Photographer

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When I met Taylor and Andrew, I knew I’d click with them. They were so silly and fun with each other. It made our short time together so much fun. Taylor and Andrew were so sweet as well! I really just loved them as a couple!

They had me rolling the whole time. And their silly hearts show in these photos.

Thank you for modeling for me!


Taylor & Andrew GMP_2Taylor & Andrew GMP_31bwTaylor & Andrew GMP_44Taylor & Andrew GMP_58Taylor & Andrew GMP_67Taylor & Andrew GMP_92Taylor & Andrew GMP_96

Sara & Abraham – Waco Couple Photographer

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When Sara submitted her photo to model for me, I immediately connected with her. This was because she also sent me some photos of her adorable Dalmatians. And because I am a dog mom, I let her know just how cute they were!

Sara and Abraham were so fun to work with. They had a subtle yet endearing sense of humor with each other so they giggled a lot of the time.

Sara & Abraham GMP_4Sara & Abraham GMP_15bwSara & Abraham GMP_34Sara & Abraham GMP_47Sara & Abraham GMP_67Sara & Abraham GMP_75Sara & Abraham GMP_83


Flowers in her hair – Abby – Waco Model Photographer

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This is Abby!

She was my second model for my sunflower sessions! Abby totally rocked our session and let me get creative with her long strawberry blonde hair.

I love these photo’s and we were lucky enough to have the sun shine too! That didn’t happen during any of my other flower sessions.

Check these out!


Abby GMP_4Abby GMP_30bwAbby GMP_39Abby GMP_52bwAbby GMP_61bwAbby GMP_63pAbby GMP_68bwAbby GMP_74

Flower Power – Anastasia – Waco Model Photographer

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About one week ago I found this beautiful field of tall yellow flowers!! I’m not sure if they are just tall stemmed smaller sunflowers or what. If you know, feel free to leave a comment! But this field is just beautiful! If you know me at all, you know how much I love sunflowers, or flowers that are similar.

So, I had a model call and got many inquires! Because I had so many people offering their prettiness, I decided to photograph 2 girls, and 2 couples.

This was my first model, Anastasia, a student at Baylor. She totally rocked the session, and my big floppy had.

Check it out! She is GORGEOUS!

Anastasia GMP_5Anastasia GMP_11bwAnastasia GMP_13Anastasia GMP_21bwAnastasia GMP_33Anastasia GMP_35Anastasia GMP_42bw

Nick & Selena : Prom 2017, Waco Photographer

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At the last minute, Nick contacted me to see if I’d be available for prom photos the very next day! Im so happy I was available, because Nick and Selena looked GOOD!!! They were dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate on their prom night at Midway high school!

Here’s an extra sneak peak of photos for the cute couple!

Jones Prom GMP_7Jones Prom GMP_10Jones Prom GMP_20Jones Prom GMP_26bwJones Prom GMP_38bwJones Prom GMP_77bwJones Prom GMP_82Jones Prom GMP_100Jones Prom GMP_105Jones Prom GMP_116Jones Prom GMP_148Jones Prom GMP_191bwJones Prom GMP_201bw